Why Programming is the Skill of the Future

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is check your phone for email and Facebook updates. You have your breakfast as you go through the numbers you will be doing at a presentation later in the day. You hail a cab using Uber to get to work. The presentation you do is on TeamViewer while you collaborate to finish up on the document on Google Docs.

Work-life has become digitally driven, and this is only set to become more and more of the norm. What drives all this? Programming. This is the skill that will be most important as machines take control of more tasks in daily lives. Why would you want to learn programming in 2018?

Lots of jobs

In the US alone, programming jobs are expected to grow by 30% up to 2020. There will be a deficit of about 2 million programmers by that year. The rate at which demand for good code is growing is simply outstripping the supply of new coders.

Mobile is the future

The mobile has become the personal assistant gadget for most people in the world, and will continue being so. You need it for work related tasks, you need for socialization, and you even need it for personal care. There is an app for most of the things you do daily. This means there are endless opportunities to create apps that will help socialize better, work better and even follow diets better. Mobile dominance in daily life will create a massive demand for apps.

Coding will become an auxiliary skill

Programming will soon become a much-desired auxiliary skill in many jobs. Accountants need it to present data better, doctors need it to go through research data faster, and even personal trainers will need to tweak their training programs. Any job that relies on a machine can be done better using better code, and the machine user is best placed to code better for it. Programming skills are being increasingly desired in jobs outside the tech industry, for example, finance, health care and manufacturing.

Programmers are smart

Education experts have tracked pupils who learned to code and noted that coding improves linear thinking capability. This is being able to place the cause-effect of whatever one is doing. The increased demand for coding for kids is because this skill is being seen as part of basic computer literacy.

Learn to program is one of the most exciting challenges that you can take up. It will not only help you become more productive, but also introduce you into a fun world where anything is possible.