Is Your Landlord Disputing Your End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Landlord-tenant disputes are nothing new and happen all the time for reasons both petty and serious. But the majority of these disputes have been seen to arise from issues surrounding end of tenancy cleaning. The standard tenancy agreement requires the tenant to leave the house in a habitable condition when vacating, which does not necessarily mean as new, but allows for natural wear and tear. A good number of people fail to engage professional tenancy cleaning London services with the end result being poorly done jobs. The landlord has a right to dispute an end of tenancy cleaning job, and a good number of landlords raise this complaint.   What causes a landlord dispute?

Overlooked dirt

Many people forget that end of tenancy cleaning involves top to bottom cleaning of every nook and cranny in the house. As such some areas are naturally overlooked e.g.

  • Dust and cobwebs on the ceiling
  • Hand and finger prints on the walls
  • Dust under and behind heavy furniture
  • Lime scale on water faucets and  bathroom tiles
  • Grime in the oven

These areas are often overlooked when there is not enough manpower on the job. This happens when tenants try DIY cleaning.

Incomplete cleaning tasks

Some tasks are so difficult that the cleaner sometimes does them half-heartedly or is unable to do a proper job. These include:

  • Scrubbing a stained toilet bowl
  • Removing stubborn stains in the carpet and upholstery
  • Scrubbing caked in mud in the tile grout

Stubborn stains are especially a point of conflict because the landlord will argue that this is not part of normal wear and tear.

Sometimes the cleaning service will fail to do a task because it is not in their task list. This often happens when a tenant assumes that this is standard part of an end of tenancy cleaning while the cleaning service knows otherwise. This is often seen in carpet and upholstery cleaning which some professional tenancy cleaning London services work on as a separate job with separate charges.

What happens in a dispute?

When a landlord disputes a cleaning the job, he is supposed to deposit the tenancy deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). The TDS offers free dispute resolution but also appoints other arbitrators who may ask for a fee.

In the case of an end of tenancy cleaning, the TDS will verify if the landlord’s claims are true. If proven true the tenant will be required to repeat the job. If the tenant is right the tenancy deposit is released. But it is always best to avoid these types of disputes by using s professional tenancy cleaning London service.