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Ronin is a simple web framework for the Gosu Programming Language that supports tooling and static verification, but isn't a hassle:

package controller

uses db.example.Post
uses ronin.RoninController
uses view.ViewPost

class PostController extends RoninController {

  function savePost(post : Post) {

  function viewPost(p: Post) {
    view.ViewPost.render(Writer, p)


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  • Install Java (version 1.6 or greater)
  • Install Aardvark (version 0.4 or greater)
  • Run vark -url init -name my_app and follow the prompts
  • cd my_app
  • vark server
  • Hit http://localhost:8080
  • Enjoy!

No Broken Links!

Ronin leverages Gosu feature literals to provide verifiable links within your application. If a link is bad, you'll see a compilation error.

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Tosa: YesSQL

Ronin ships with Tosa, a simple SQL-oriented O/R tool, which uses plain SQL and the Gosu Open Type system to expose the full power of your database backend.

Not using a database? No problem: it's simple to remove Tosa as a dependency and use whatever technology fits your domain.

Intro To Tosa »

Excellent Tooling

Ronin has been designed to play well with the Gosu IntelliJ plugin, so you'll get code completion and verification in the world's best IDE.

Setting up IntelliJ »